Betty Theodoropoulos is a native Torontonian with over 15 years of experience in luxury residential interior design.

After studying Art History resulting in receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree, she spent eight years working as an account executive for a global fashion house before pursuing her true passion of interior design and graduating with a Bachelors of Interior Design.

While studying art history, she developed an appreciation for the principles of classical architecture, whereas working in the fashion industry provided her with a sensibility to identify trends that are enduring and long lasting. These attributes have given her insight into how to create interior spaces that are both fresh and timeless.

Forever passionate about spaces and how we interact with them for purposes of work, pleasure and privacy, Betty believes in creating environments that heighten our visual senses, while enhancing our experiences and meeting the individual needs of all persons.

The most satisfying result of practicing interior design is knowing that we can positively redefine how people interact with each other, with the built environment, and with our natural surroundings